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Turning Facebook Ad Campaign Management into Brand Development Engine

As a digital agency not having Facebook advertising services in your portfolio can seriously limit the prospects of growing your customer base. Gone are the days when clients would prefer working with an agency that only offered web development solutions or Search Engine Optimization services. Today clients cutting across industries expect all types of digital marketing services under a single roof. You can’t hope to hire experts overnight and get started with projects if are offered such projects by your clients. This is where working with a White Label Facebook Marketing agency would be profitable for your business. White labeling has become the most productive model in digital marketing business and the following stats would give you a better idea of this.

  • Average users spend 40 minutes daily on Facebook.
  • 32% Agencies rely on White Label Facebook Ads program.
  • White labeling services help reduce cost by 50% of agencies.
  • White label services allow agencies to double clients in 6 months.

If you carefully take a look at these stats you would realize that white labeling is slowly becoming the norm in the digital marketing industry. Given the fact that an average digital agency cannot afford to manage a specialised team for different kinds of ‘paid search’ marketing techniques they get white label partners on-board to gain a competitive edge. White label services providers in India are leading this revolution with an army of skilled and experienced Facebook marketing experts.


At SEO Services Consultants we are one of the fastest growing white label agencies working with digital marketers from around the world. We have hand-picked a team that brings years of experience in White Label Facebook Advertising to the table. Your clients have different needs from their Facebook advertising campaign. While some want to build strong presence from the ground up, others look towards expanding their reach and increasing engagement on their page. We have worked on all kinds of campaigns and gathered expertise on inherent dynamics that affect the success of any campaign. Our deep insight on the latest trends in Facebook advertising allows us to deliver positive results that would meet your clients’ expectations and on most occasions exceed them.


Tailored Strategy

Every client comes with unique set of goals and these goals have inherent challenges vis-à-vis their target market and competition woven around them. To achieve results, a tailored strategy needs to be conceived and executed meticulously and that’s what our team does. We spend quality time in research and planning to ensure the goals and the challenges are well attended.

Competitive Prices

Cost advantage and profit margins are two important pillars in white label services. Unless you see value on these two fronts you aren’t likely to work with a white label partner. We have priced our services competitively to help you maximize your profits and also be aggressive in your own pricing strategy to gain competitive edge.

Flexible Hiring

We are well aware of the fact that there isn’t any uniformity in the flow of projects and as your white label partners we offer you flexible hiring options. With a large team of professionals we let you scale up or down your requirements at any point of time. We shall assign you a dedicated account manager who shall look after the progress of your clients’ advertising projects.


As your white label Facebook advertising partner we shall help you at every stage of the project. Right from sending over a project proposal to educating your clients on the possibilities and finally exciting the ad campaign our team would closely work with your in-house marketing experts to make the process smooth and seamless. Your lack of knowledge (if there is) in Facebook advertising wouldn’t act as a limiting factor as we shall support you with the smallest bit of technical know-how and even otherwise. Since we regularly take up White Label projects our team members are well aware of their roles and responsibilities when it comes to building a strong and industrious working relationship with our partner agencies. We shall do the following in any project -

  • Prepare Proposals and Questionnaire
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Create Captivating Ad Copies
  • Install Tracking and Analytics
  • Send White Label Reports


We bring in years of experience to the table and having worked with individual developers, designers and agencies from around the world we are well-versed in the inherent opportunities in the reseller program and maximize the benefits for both the parties. As a fast growing agency we keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends in PPC and Google AdWords program which translates in to increased conversions and more engagement with the end users. Our large pool of talent allows us accommodate large orders where we offer you the flexibility to scale up and down team size based on your requirements.


Here are the top 10 captivating reasons why you should hire our Facebook Ad services for a wholesome implementation of the best Facebook marketing strategy:

Customer-Centric Policies

Our team of Facebook advertising managers is advised to follow a strict customer-centric policy. The foundation of our business is built upon excellent customer retention rates. We would love to retain your business for as long as possible. To do so, we help you retain the business of your customers with our white label services for a longer period. This way, the direct flow of revenue keeps our as well as your businesses afloat.

Our customer-centric policies change according to the needs of your customers. Want more consulting services or more help with the implementation of strategies? No problem! We have a large and fluid team of experts that will offer you exactly what you need.

Customized Solutions

As the top Facebook Ads company, we strongly believe in providing customized solutions for all our clients. Our Facebook advertising experts understand that dynamicity of the digital marketing landscape very well and they adjust to its requirements accordingly. We have a dedicated research team that keeps a tab on all the factors that might affect your ad campaigns. The Facebook Ads Services team is responsible for hacking the most popular strategies and Facebook features to your advantage for a more powerful ad campaign.

The provision of customized solutions is undoubtedly one of the biggest USPs presented by our Facebook Ads agency.

ROI-Driven Engine

The team at our Facebook Ads company has a tendency to over-deliver with each ad campaign. Our Facebook advertising experts progressively work towards the creation of ad campaigns that generate effective results over time. Our Facebook Ads agency is based on an ROI-driven engine that takes the sales of your product/service into account.

Conventional marketing firms that run ad campaigns judge the success/failure of its campaigns on the amount of reach and number of visitors on the website. We take an additional factor into account while performing the assessment. Our Facebook Ad campaign management keeps tabs on your sales targets so that our FB Ad specialists can deliver more sales-ready leads for your business.

24x7 Support

We provide an exceptional level of support to all our clients. With a 100% runtime, we strive to deliver the best results to our clients. Our team makes sure that your ads deliver the desired results in the shortest period possible.

We encourage you to fetch overseas business to your organization. You can then use the 24x7 support feature with our white label services to serve your clients better. Our Facebook Ad campaign management is powered by experts who have excellent English comprehension as well as spoken English skills. These skills help them communicate with your international clients effectively.

Greater Profit Margins

Our white label Facebook Ad services are designed to help you gain an awesome margin on the services. We keep our profit margins extremely low so that you can get good deals for your business with higher profit margins.

We also provide the best Facebook consulting services at extremely affordable prices so that you can enjoy the perks of high profitability from the business model. We have helped several customers on our list these profit margins. Therefore, they love availing our high-quality services for longer and longer periods.

Vast Experience

Our team of Facebook Ads experts has a vast experience in generating ads for the platform. A few of them have over a decade of experience in Facebook Ad creation. These Facebook Ads Managers have been developing ads for the Facebook platform ever since it first went public. With such an experience the Facebook Ads experts are proficient in the technical as well as non-technical nuances of ad generation.

Our Facebook Ads Managers have worked with various companies in different business verticals. These FB Ads specialists understand the customers’ mindset in all these verticals to devise a strategy that hits the core in an effective manner.

Complete Digital Marketing

You can hire Facebook ad experts from our team for a wholesome digital marketing experience. Our Facebook advertising managers are proficient in the nuances of overall digital marketing strategies. They know and implement the best practices in the business on a regular basis so that you can easily generate more revenue with less number of clients.

Social Media Integration

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and the most powerful social media platform for advertising on the internet. However, it does not cover the entire market. You can hire Facebook marketing experts from our team who are proficient in complete social media marketing.

These experts use the power of all the popular social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to boost the effect as well as the reach of your marketing campaigns. Our team also consists of Facebook Ad freelancers who can help you generate an excellent return on investment for short-term projects.

Content Development

Our Facebook Ad freelance team can leverage the content marketing techniques coupled with social media marketing to add a new spark to your outreach. This team can develop customer-centric content that is both engaging and promotional at the same time. The team of Facebook Ad consultants can help you balance the mix of promotional and informational content in the ads so that they get more and more attention from your target audience.

Technical Expertise

Our local Facebook advertising experts can provide Facebook consulting services too. These Facebook Ad consultants can step into the shoes of your end customers to understand their requirements better. After the research, they can provide targeted Facebook consulting service to your digital marketing team so that all your ad campaigns generate desired results.

Want to get in touch with the best Facebook Ad consultants on the internet? Give us a phone call or drop an email and we will help you redefine Facebook consulting for an exceptional return on investment today!

What Our Clients Have to Say

“SEO Services Consultants is 5***** white label Facebook advertising agency! For anyone willing to have a fantastic Facebook back-end team to manage their ad accounts, this is the name you should trust. They are so efficient and expert in delivering solid white label Facebook marketing results that you would never look further. My heartfelt wishes for the team.”

Tim Horton Tim Horton

“These guys here at SEO Services Consultants really know how to boost effectiveness of your white label Facebook ads. With their vast experience, they helped us promote our new brand on FB and at a significantly lower CPA as compared to our in-house marketing team. I am really happy with their scope of services and looking forward to more business deals in the future.”

Patrick Henry Patrick Henry

“Working with SEO Services Consultants has been a pleasure for me. They are experts in white label Facebook advertising and lived up to our expectations. They analysed our needs, set up campaigns, tested and analysed again to improve. They have also helped lower our CPA. Looking to rehire them very soon for our campaigns. Thanks guys!”

Courtney Wilson Courtney Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Services Consultants is a white label Facebook advertising agency and we do have a high success rate when it comes to scaling your business. Read our client reviews and case studies that clearly states our expertise in this field. However, it also depends on the brand/product/service. To scale well, this is a big factor affecting how it sells on Facebook.

  • Prepare questionnaire for audience research
  • Create proposals and assign Facebook dedicated accounts manager for each client
  • Perform keyword research & analysis
  • Design eye-catchy ad copies
  • Integrating Facebook ads funnel strategy
  • Custom audience and bidding strategy
  • Database sharing
  • A/B testing
  • Scale up or down white label Facebook marketing campaign based on A/B testing
  • Install campaign monitoring & analysis
  • Send white label campaign reports

Our Facebook ad agency pricing is highly competitive to help you maximise your profits. We have a tailored approach for each of our clients and we do not have a “one-size-fits all” pricing strategy. The prices are completely based on the scope of our services.

We do not have any ‘minimum’ contract period for white label Facebook ads services. If you do not wish to continue at any point of time, give us 2 weeks’ notice via email. There is no penalty or fee to end our contract. You will be responsible for all outstanding bills and there will be no refund if you to stop the service before the end of our billing month.

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