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Cheap SEO packages India, without compromising with quality, is one of the biggest advantages you can enjoy by outsourcing your search engine optimisation project to us. With advancement in technology, automated tools are fast becoming a trend in the industry. Keyword research and planning, performing competitive analysis, social media posting, article and directory submission, analysis and reporting – everything can be automated today to achieve SEO results. However, nothing can beat the efficiency and intelligence of manual SEO.

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At SEO Services Consultants, we follow a balance of manual and automatic SEO tactics, helping you get the best of both world. On one hand, our packages include myriad of paid and automated tools to enhance campaign performance; on the other hand, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to build strategies that can help improve domain relevancy, number of back links, domain authority, Alexa rankings and other key aspects of search engine optimisation.

In comparison to paid search, SEO is a cost-effective means to generate high page rankings and drive increased traffic. Therefore, we are able to provide pocket-friendly SEO pricing India that fits your budget and delivers quality and measurable results. The choice of SEO package will depend on various factors such as your website ranking on search engines, how much traffic or conversions you want to generate, your business objectives, budget and ROI to achieve.

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SEO Services Consultants is your one-stop destination for cheap SEO packages India. Being a leading SEO company, we understand that every business have unique requirements and budget. Therefore, we customise our SEO pricing India to deliver the best value to you at competitive prices. Our search engine optimisation packages India are designed taking into consideration various factors such as size of your business, demographic location and your budget. Get NO CONTRACT, NO OBLIGATION search engine optimisation packages which are 100% scalable. Check out our SEO package India and select one that best suits your digital marketing needs and budget.

What are Included in Our Search Engine Optimisation Packages India

When you choose our SEO packages India, you get the following key services

SEO Compatibility Check & Website Audit

This is an integral aspect of our search engine optimisation package – analysing your website to determine its SEO compatibility, identify the loopholes and brainstorming a comprehensive SEO plan. Contact with our experts for SEO India prices.

Content Creation

Our SEO services packages India include content development solutions such as article writing, blog posting, review writing, press releases, etc. The objective is to provide engaging and high-quality content that helps increase your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

Off-Page Optimisation

We do not merely focus on optimising your website and its content. Our SEO experts take a comprehensive approach to improve its visibility and search engine ranking with off-page strategies such as link building, article and classifieds submission, social bookmarking, press release submission, etc.

Local SEO

When you choose our local SEO packages, you can enjoy the following services – Geo tagging, local search engine submission, business listing on Google and Yahoo Basic, local listing pages, Bing Places listing, and many more.

On-Page Optimisation

In this segment, we will either target the entire website or selected pages to optimise them and achieve improved results. Depending on the SEO package India you choose, it will include URL mapping and rewriting, title tag and meta tag optimisation, keyword density and prominence check, alt tag and anchor text optimisation, content optimisation, TXT and XML sitemap generation, and other elements.


Our affordable SEO pricing also include campaign monitoring and reporting. This includes key services such as traffic log analysis, customer support, keyword ranking report, project manager and monthly tracking report.

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Why Choose Our Result-Driven and Cheap SEO Packages in India?

Choosing affordable SEO packages in India from an experienced and reputable SEO company like us come with incredible benefits as discussed here:

  • Access to automated SEO tools
  • Proven results that last the test of time
  • Highly experienced and skilled project managers
  • No obligation, no contract, no lock in period
  • Competitive SEO pricing India that is unmatched in the industry
  • Adaptive and reliable SEO package that can be scaled up and down depending on your business requirements

The cost of our search engine optimization packages India will depend on several factors such as – target market and competition, number and type of keywords you want to rank for, link building strategies adopted, guarantee offered and other aspects.

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Tailor-Made SEO Packages India That Suit Your Business Requirements

Our SEO India prices are custom-designed to meet businesses of varying size, complexity and budget. The packages can be broadly categorised as below:

Global SEO Packages

The packages are suitable for businesses that are not bounded by geographical locations – standard SEO packages designed for global businesses.

Local SEO Packages

These are ideal for businesses that target a niche audience or offer products and services locally.

E-commerce SEO Packages

The packages are perfect for businesses selling products online and have a different mode of operation.

Taking into consideration different industries we cater, our SEO services packages India are tailor-made to meet their respective target audience and search engine ranking pattern. We specialise in providing professional and result-oriented SEO services for the dental and healthcare industry, real estate, law, e-commerce and many more.

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How Much Do SEO Services Cost: SEO Pricing Guide in 2020

The cost of high-quality Search Engine Optimisation depends on the scope of the project and the SEO agency’s payment model. In 2020, SEO packages will typically start from $300/month based on the deliverables proposed. Hourly rates for expert SEO consultants may start from as low as $8/hour onwards.

As Search Engine Optimisation gains immense significance in the field of digital marketing today, the cost of SEO packages is increasing at a rapid pace. Different agencies have different pricing structures and making an informed decision may be a bit difficult. Seo Services Consultants – a trusted SEO agency, knows how much SEO services cost and why. Based on our knowledge, we have created this pricing guide for 2020 that will help compare our rates with other pricing quotes, and make a wise decision.


How Much Does Search Engine Optimisation Cost: Factors Determining SEO Pricing

On average, SEO pricing may range from $300 to $1000 per month, depending on the agency and the scope of the project. If you want to invest in one-time SEO campaigns, the cost may vary between $2500 and $17,500. For individual SEO consultants or agencies that operate on hourly basis, the rates may start from $8 per hour.

So what are the different factors that affect cost of Search Engine Optimisation services? Let’s understand.

  • Size of your business and extent of SEO services required. More the number of web pages, products or services you want to optimise, higher will be the cost
  • Scope of service or deliverables, i.e. number of keywords you want to target, landing page or website content management, link building, off-page SEO, or ongoing optimisation and maintenance
  • Local or global Search Engine Optimisation
  • Timeline of the SEO project
  • Experience, resources, tools, and expertise of the SEO agency
  • The SEO agency’s pricing model – monthly, hourly, or one-time

When considering how much you should pay for SEO, it is crucial to understand that Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment. Ranking atop organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can help your business reach more customers, increase website traffic, get quality leads, and drive more conversions.

Holding onto that No.1 position on organic search results is difficult. Only dedicated and continuous Search Engine Optimisation ensures long-term results and higher return on investment than any other digital marketing strategy that delivers instant results for a shorter time period.

Therefore, when it comes to evaluating SEO pricing of different agencies, it is important that you do not compromise with quality to get the “cheapest” search engine optimisation services. Inexperience and lack of skills can cost your company more than seeking expert consultation from a leading SEO firm at a higher price.

How Much is SEO per Hour, Month, and Project?

The pricing structure of no two SEO agencies is the same. The factors mentioned above play a pivotal role in determining the scope of your project and the cost you have to incur. However, most SEO agencies and individual consultants follow three types of engagement models that shape the cost of services – Monthly, Hourly, and Project-based. Let’s understand how much it can cost under each of these pricing models.

Monthly SEO Plan:

For long-term SEO success, it is crucial to have an ongoing strategy in place. This way, you can have an expert team working continuously on your website – on-page and off-page – to ensure top search engine rankings, higher traffic, and better conversions. So you do not just get effective results, but can also reap the profits for long. SEO pricing under monthly plans may range between $300 and $1000 per month. The services covered under these pricing strategies will vary from one agency to another. For instance, Seo Services Consultants is a leading SEO firm that offers comprehensive search engine optimisation services at most competitive prices, i.e. at $300/month only. That is because we promise to deliver quality but in a cost-effective manner.

Hourly SEO Plan

Many companies prefer hiring individual SEO consultants or agencies that offer hourly rates for search engine optimisation services. This is an ideal pricing plan when SEO needs are few or the company is planning to cut some cost. The pricing under this model will vary depending on the experience of the consultant and types of services you want. Typically, it starts from $8/hour when you hire a dedicated SEO expert at Seo Services Consultants.

Project-based SEO Plan

This pricing model is most suitable when a company chooses to hire an SEO agency or consultant to work on a specific project or strategy for a given timeframe. The one-time project cost may depend on level of experience, scope of services, and project delivery timeline. Typically, it ranges from $2500 to $17500. Often, cheaper price is related to inexperience or poor-quality SEO services. However, working with a leading agency like Seo Services Consultants, you get the best of both worlds – an exceptional ROI for end-to-end SEO services and most competitive prices. Get started today and see the results yourselves!

How Much Should I Pay for In-House Search Engine Optimisation?

Often companies choose to hire an in-house SEO team that will work dedicatedly on their projects and deliver quality results. One of the biggest advantages of having an internal team is they would work full-time on your SEO project and will be your single point of contact for all communication. Unlike agencies, they will not work upon multiple SEO projects for different companies and therefore, results are likely to be more effective.

On the flip side, recruiting an in-house team means you have to bear the salaries of your SEO consultants, which typically starts from $50,000 per annum. Additionally, you need to invest in setting up SEO infrastructure such as computer systems, software, tools and other resources. The cost of recruitment, training and orientation will also add up to the cost of salary for periods when there is no campaign to work upon.

Keeping all these in mind, it is often considered more viable and cheaper to outsource SEO services to a more experienced agency or consultant.

What is the Right SEO Cost for My Business?

The cost of SEO is ever-changing and depends on a wide range of factors as discussed above. So you might be thinking what should be the “right” SEO cost for your business. While there is no perfect number that you can reach upon, determining the following factors will help you make an informed decision.

What is the core objective of your SEO campaign?

Determine why you need a SEO strategy – to boost visibility of your website, get more traffic, boost conversions, or increase your ROI. Do you have a small website with a handful of pages or want on-going SEO services for your enterprise-level website? Are you a start-up with fewer SEO needs or a large-scale business that requires comprehensive and professional SEO services? For in-depth and ongoing SEO, monthly packages will fit best. Monthly plan is also more cost effective than hourly packages when you have long-term project requirements. On the other hand, if you are just starting or have a specific SEO project to work upon, hiring consultants on hourly basis or choosing project-based pricing can be most suitable.

What is your in-house SEO expertise?

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex process. Successful SEO involves several proven techniques and tactics, and in-depth understanding of how search engine algorithms work. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process and requires dedicated performance monitoring and optimisation. Do your people have what it takes to implement result-driven SEO strategies? If no, it is best to hire an experienced SEO agency that has vast expertise handling numerous successful projects. Merely having knowledge in SEO is not enough. DIY search engine optimisation can be time-consuming and you may not end up with great results. Therefore, it is most viable to have a seasoned SEO consultant who can implement proven practices and latest methodologies to deliver the best results.

How much can you afford?

If you are a start-up or a small business, you probably do not have the budget to hire full-service digital marketing solutions. At the same time, you need to create a strong web presence to grow your business. In such a scenario, you might consider it suitable to invest in a basic SEO plan or hire a consultant on hourly basis. As your business scales up, you can consider improving your SEO strategy for better reach and marketability. Then you can choose to hire an experienced agency or have an in-house team.

Learn More about the Average Cost of SEO Services

When it comes to understanding the cost of SEO services in 2020, it is negligible as compared to the value you get. Search Engine Optimisation plays an integral role in building strong brand authority on search engines, driving increased traffic and boosting conversions for your website. The results are long-term and therefore, you can yield the profits for years to come. Thus, the value you generate from SEO is nothing as compared to the price you pay. However, it is still worth having an optimal budget in place. This will depend on your SEO goals and how much you can afford to pay. At the same time, it is vital to choose an SEO agency that has years of industry experience and can leverage the right tactics to take your website to the top rankings on SERPs. It is also crucial to compare the price quotes offered by different agencies and consultants. This will help make an informed decision based on quality of services and affordable pricing. Discussed here are some key facts about SEO pricing that you should watch out for in 2020:

SEO cost for different categories remain same on average across the world:

According to a report published by Ahrefs, the cost of SEO services across different categories and industries is more or less same worldwide. The monthly, hourly and project-based pricing standards are similar on average in most countries, except India and Latin America where SEO prices are most economical.

Hiring an SEO agency is costlier than having a consultant or freelancer: An SEO agency, with a full-service team and resources, would definitely cost higher than hiring a consultant or freelancer. An agency is more worthwhile when you have big and ongoing SEO campaigns to manage. They provide comprehensive services and typically charge a monthly fee or one-time project cost. Their team comprises of an SEO expert, copywriter, link builder, content developer, etc. to help deliver the best results. Therefore, the higher prices are worth the services they offer.

SEO cost for different categories remain same on average across the world: According to a report published by Ahrefs, the cost of SEO services across different categories and industries is more or less same worldwide. The monthly, hourly and project-based pricing standards are similar on average in most countries, except India and Latin America where SEO prices are most economical.

Factors that should not affect SEO cost: While SEO agencies and consultants may often benchmark their prices against the volume of services provided, the following factors should not be included in determining SEO cost – number of pages to be optimised, number of keywords discovered and used, and volume of links built during the campaign.

Hope this gives you a clear picture of what affects SEO pricing and how much you should pay for effective optimisation strategies. If you are considering hiring an expert agency to get your website to the top with more conversions, Seo Services Consultants can help. Talk to our team today and they will strategise the right SEO techniques to get you more customers, grow your business, and increase your revenues

SEO Cost in 2020: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about SEO pricing? Here, we have answered some frequently asked questions that will give you a better perspective of how search engine optimisation services are priced, factors affecting SEO cost, and how much you should pay. So let’s get started with understanding how much does SEO cost.

SEO advertising is a proven practice that combines organic reach of search engine optimisation and immediate results generated by pay-per-click advertising. With effective SEO advertising, you can take your website to the top organic spots on SERPs and quickly achieve results in the form of higher traffic, more conversions, and increased ROI. When you ask “how much does search engine optimisation advertising cost,” the answer is – it depends. Typically, there are three standard types of SEO advertising pricing – hourly rates, monthly retainers, and project-based. An average SEO agency will charge an hourly rate of $8-$150/hour. On the other hand, monthly SEO advertising cost may range between $500 and $1500, tailored to meet client needs. Project-based cost may vary from $2500 to $20,000, depending on project scope.

Search engine optimisation management is a continuous process. It is important to track SEO performance regularly and make improvements as per the latest trends and search engine algorithm changes. Ongoing SEO management is integral for long-term ROI and therefore, cost will vary depending on your key requirements and expertise of the SEO service provider. Typically, monthly SEO management pricing may range from $300 to $5000. Hourly rates, on the other hand, may start from as low as $8 per hour. It can go up to $300/hour if the consultant has decades of experience and proven success rate. Having an in-house team for SEO management may cost $50-$120K per year as employee salary and other overheads. For one-time projects, you might have to incur $2500 to $20,000.

Why do you think getting to the top rankings on Search Engine Result Pages matter? That is because 75% of web traffic does not go beyond the first page of search engine results. When you rank top in search results, it will help boost your website visibility and attract more potential customers. And it is only through effective search engine optimisation that you can improve your website rankings, get more traffic, and increase your conversions.

Want to improve search engine rankings of your website? We have outlined SEO best practices that are proven to improve search engine rankings of your website:

  • Create unique compelling and keyword-rich titles, meta descriptions, and content. Search engines love content that is information-rich, in-depth and fresh. Avoid creating duplicate content or landing pages, even if you have thousands of pages to write. A simple trick here is to use canonical tag to differentiate between original and duplicate pages.
  • Use of right keywords and positioning is important. For this, it is crucial to perform in-depth keyword research and identify terms/phrases that are most relevant to your business, product or service. Positioning your keywords at the right place also matters – title, descriptions, alt tag, image or video tags, and first & last paragraphs on your content.
  • Improve your website’s loading speed. The slower it loads, the higher will be the bounce-back rate. As a website, you just have 8 seconds to grab attention of your visitors. If your website takes over 3 seconds to load, it can turn off your potential customers and they will instantly leave. Therefore, it is important to optimise the loading speed with website elements that are visually-appealing and functional, but loads fast.
  • Get high-authority links pointing to your website. One of the key ranking factors that search engines give importance is high-quality backlinks. Some of the best ways to get links from top-ranking or authority websites are 100% unique and engaging content, guest posting, blog posts or social media marketing. Using internal linking to help navigate your website traffic through different pages is another proven SEO practice that can boost our search engine rankings.
  • Get high-authority links pointing to your website. One of the key ranking factors that search engines give importance is high-quality backlinks. Some of the best ways to get links from top-ranking or authority websites are 100% unique and engaging content, guest posting, blog posts or social media marketing. Using internal linking to help navigate your website traffic through different pages is another proven SEO practice that can boost our search engine rankings.
  • Optimise images and videos for SEO. Not just titles, descriptions and content, but even images and videos on your website must be optimised for search engines. Using the right keywords in alt tag helps search engines to easily crawl the image or video, boosting rankings and visibility.
  • Track results. This is an important SEO practice that you can never miss out. Unless you track how your website is ranking on search engines and other parameters like website traffic, leads and conversion rate, it will be difficult to measure performance of the SEO campaign. Google provides powerful tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help keep tap of vital parameters and make improvements likewise.

The average time for SEO to deliver organic results is 3-6 months, depending on how rigorous and dedicated an approach you take. However, it takes time to see the benefits because to improve search engine rankings and get organic traffic, you have to continuously optimise the website and brand presence, build authority backlinks, write quality content, and much more. It isn’t an ad that people will click and take an action. Optimisation is a time-consuming and ongoing process. But the results are long lasting. So be patient and see great SEO results flowing in soon.Hope this detailed SEO pricing guide will help understand why search engine optimisation is important and how SEO cost is determined. With an experienced agency like Seo Services Consultants, you can be assured to have high-quality, tailored SEO services at best prices.

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