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Choose our motivated SEO Company for realtors to boost your business leads. We are the fastest growing real estate SEO experts who know how to fetch organic and targeted traffic to your website. Our real estate SEO services can help your business generate more inquiries without spending fortunes for clicks or traffic. You need not wait to receive ROI.

Our experienced team of experts delivers targeted SEO for real estate agents. We work with White Hat SEO adhering to the latest Google algorithms Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon, for organic results.


Whether you are a realty agent or a big developer you aren't oblivious to the fact that Internet is one of the most important selling tools in in today's world. When it comes to buying, selling or renting a property most users turn to the Internet for their initial research. This translates into more leads for realty businesses that have a strong presence in the digital world. But if you think your company website would make all the difference, you are wrong. There are hundreds of competitors' websites that are targeting the same users. The competition on the single window of the search engine has touched the roof and businesses that rank top in the search engines derive maximum benefit out of it. The bottomline is that you have to optimize your website to stay on top of the search results. If you aren't yet convinced we have some stats that would clear all your doubts -

  • 68% home buyers are less than 35 years of age and Internet savvy
  • 80% of all home buyers have access to the Internet
  • More than 75% of the customers search for property images on the Internet
  • More than 80% local search clicks lead to a call within 24 hours

These aren't mere numbers but show you the real opportunity with search engine marketing. In a world where Internet and now smartphones have become the most trusted source of information for majority of your users you can ignore it only at your own peril. If you want to taste success at the top you should immediately get in touch with a real estate SEO expert who can push you up on search engine rankings. This will create more conversation with your clients and increased opportunities for transactions.

How do Real Estate SEO Services help

Over 90 percent buyers begin their real estate search on the internet. It makes SEO for real estate agents crucial for stronger online visibility and presence, higher search engine ranking. Eventually, this leads to more clicks and sales. Our real estate SEO experts make sure your business is visible online on the first page of search engines for chosen keywords. We deliver result-oriented real estate SEO strategies like organic link building, local SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

SEO is a continuous process of optimizing a business website to boost organic traffic from all the search engines. It is a part of the dynamic marketing strategy involving various aspects best handled by professional real estate SEO Company like ours.

Cutthroat competition prevails in the real estate market today. To reach the top of Google search ranking, it is crucial to have an optimized website. With competition, the industry also binds competitors together under a typical banner, the parent brokerage. These large brokerages are in a dilemma of managing as well as promoting individual agents and marketing brands online. This is often difficult to manage.

Moreover, large brokerage sites are complicated, having a higher level of search features and functionalities, essential on websites. Such sites demand a prominent area, but multiple business listing services do not pay heed to real estate SEO.

The real estate SEO market also faces extremely tough competition with keywords. Both individual agents and brokerages compete for the same keywords and key phrases.


At SEO Services Consultants we specialize in real estate search engine optimization and have worked with people across the board in this industry. Our clientele includes everyone from small realty agents to large developers who sell hundreds of units every year. With our in-depth knowledge about the industry and strong technical skills our team would optimize your site to make it discoverable. We shall put you in front of people who are either looking to buy/rent or sell their properties. As market leaders in real estate SEO services we strike the right balance between several on-page and off-page techniques to fetch maximum leads and improve your odds over competition.

  • Technically Specialized SEO: We provide Google approved and technically sound SEO strategies that no other real estate SEO company can offer.
  • Exclusive Real Estate SEO: We focus on 100% real estate SEO, unlike other companies offering services across verticals from weight loss to Viagra.
  • Pragmatic Lead Generation: We apply proprietary lead generation strategies to produce both buyer & seller leads and sends it to your inbox daily.
  • Sustainable & Scalable Solutions: We design diverse lead generation funnels with ideas to help them expand and grow, at par with your business success.
  • Real Estate Website Design: Compelling and specific real estate website design is our forte.
  • Mobile Optimization: We design real estate websites for mobile phones.


Market Knowledge

Selling a property is different from selling gadgets or fashion accessories. Customers engage in comprehensive research when they look out for an agent to buy a property or get it listed for a sale. This is where you would benefit from our strong market acumen in the real estate industry. We understand the aspirations of your customers, their search habits and this materializes into more transactions for your business.

Ingenious Campaigns

We don't like to bring in the 'cookie cutter' approach to your project; we rather build a strategy from ground up. Our team shall analyze the market opportunities and also take a look at your competition before launching your campaign. With this you will experience improvement in your visibility and create a strong footprint in the digital space. This will not only offer immediate benefits but fetch you dividends well into the future.

Compelling Content

The best SEO campaigns can fail without compelling content. And you can trust our writers to come up with informative and authoritative content that settles all doubts and queries in the minds of your potential customers and also arouses strong desire in their minds to engage in business with your firm.


As an agency that has been helping reality clients for many years we know that every project has its own share of challenges and this can only be overcome by creating a tailored SEO strategy. This strategy should also evolve to take care of your ever changing business needs. We start by carrying out an in-depth analysis of your site, its structure, and source codes to fix issues which may come in the way of a successful camping. Next we move over to on-page and off-page activities that foster your growth on search engine result pages and attract qualified traffic. These include -

  • Thorough Keyword Research
  • Creation/Optimization of Landing Page
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Installing Analytics and Measuring KPIs
  • Detailed Reporting


At SEO Services Consultants our team has just one goal in mind to help you arrest the loss of potential customers to competition. We are well versed in the latest SEO techniques and keep track of the search engine algorithmic changes and would optimize your website as per the best practices in the industry.

As the leading SEO Company for realtors, we offer the following services:

  • SEO Content: We develop content targeting chosen keywords and audience. We focus on keywords per page and consistently add new content to the website to keep it fresh, real, and relevant.
  • Content Indexing: We do not allow content indexing. This ensures search engines do not crawl duplicate content on your website, thus improving your page ranking.
  • Long Tail Keywords: With the increasing competition for main keywords, we develop solid long tail keywords to give your page higher rate of conversions.
  • Website Optimization: Our SEO real estate experts ensure optimized URL structure. We use 301 redirect rules and create optimized URLs for faster and more responsive websites.
  • Fewer Sub Domains: Our real estate SEO services avoid using sub domains on the site as search engines consider them a separate entity. As such, any backlink or link value attributed to subdomains shall not add to main site ranking.
  • Organic Link Building : We use Google-approved link building strategies to gather quality links to the site. This ensures long-term improvements in overall search engine ranking.
  • Code of Ethics: Our real estate SEO experts are aware of Realtor Code of Ethics. We develop SEO strategies according to the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s digital-savvy consumers spend more time on the Internet than on any other medium. 90% of homebuyers search online before making a purchase decision. Thus, it is important for real estate businesses to have an impactful web presence. Real estate SEO can help optimize your website for search engines, improving its page ranking and visibility. When your real estate business will appear on top of the organic search engine results, it will attract attention of your potential clients. They are more likely to click because 1st page results on search engines indicate good quality, credibility, and authority. Real estate SEO is also about improving your brand presence across multiple platforms to attract more clients. Plus, it is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing today.

Our experts will begin with thoroughly understanding your real estate business, target market, and competitors. We will audit your website and analyze its current optimization level. Based on our knowledge, our SEO experts will implement proven white-hat practices to drive quality results. This will include keyword research, content development & optimization, on-page SEO, authority link building, social media optimization, and listing your website on real estate search engines, local directories, etc. for maximum brand exposure. All these strategies are directed towards driving quality leads for your real estate business.

At SEO Services Consultants, we provide a no-obligation contract for a minimum tenure of 12 months. However, you can cancel the agreement anytime after 4 months or as we promise to deliver SEO results. Upon cancelling our services prior to that, you may be responsible for payment due for the month. However, we believe in making long-term relationships with our clients and enjoy over 90% of client retention rate.

SEO does not deliver results overnight. With our industry best practices, you can see positive results within 3-6 months. Our real estate clients witness up to 8% of close rates on leads generated through our system. But your ROI depends on how well you nurture and convert these leads down the sales funnel through high-quality real estate services.

Depending on your marketing requirements, you can choose from our packages or get a custom price quote from our SEO experts.

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