Law Firm SEO Services: The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Lawyers

Search engines are the most common tool to access information. To make your business/brand/firm visible to wider audiences across the world, you need strategic SEO marketing.

Law firm SEO services are need of the hour. With more than 40 percent users choosing a lawyer after visiting the lawyer's site, it is crucial. We provide definitive SEO services for lawyers to boost their business and increase traffic.

Over thousands of companies profess to possess expertise in SEO services for lawyers. However, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff and be choosy. Eventually, results and page rankings on Google search engine is the only difference you can see. Our law firm SEO experts are specialists in delivering customized services.

The SEO world is constantly changing and evolving. We are here to help you with the latest trends and approach to SEO for lawyers using unique concepts. We not only adhere to the changing SEO trends for lawyers but also create content, which evolves together with the changes. Our approach makes us the best SEO Company for lawyers.

Smarter SEO Strategies for Lawyers: The Next Level

Our experience says there are no definitive SEO strategies for lawyers that apply to all. While searching for a law firm, audiences would not like to read keyword stuffed articles or baseless cases. People in need of legal help usually look for relevant content pertaining to specific interests. In fact, they look for lawyers in their local area. Thus, local SEO is imperative to this legal profession more than any other professional fields.

At SEO Services Consultants, we firmly believe that specific SEO development strategies and perfect execution are important for all law firms as well as lawyers.

Customized SEO Services for Lawyers from Law Firm SEO Experts

Go back a decade and most people would ask their colleagues and friends for recommendations when it came to choosing a good lawyer or a law firm. And most law firms used to thrive on 'word of mouth' marketing. A lot has changed since then as most people tap on their smartphone or switch on their laptops when they are in need of a good attorney. It won't be wrong to say that you are unlikely to count such people among your clientele without strong digital presence. While every other law firm has a website the ones that rank at the top of Google and other search engines walk away with maximum clients. Let's understand this new phenomenon through some stats

  • 40% of users choose a lawyer after visiting their website
  • Near 75% all law firm clients visit the website before going for an appointment
  • More than 60% of all law firm searches don't include the firm's name
  • 80% users use Google maps to locate a law firm

As a lawyer it won't be difficult for you to read through these stats. You can't afford to remain out of the digital space irrespective of your reputation and the success you may have enjoyed in the past. With the number of Internet users growing exponentially every year these figures are all set to rise. Strong digital presence would be as important as your license to practice this profession in the coming years. You should waste no more time and immediately get in touch with a law firm SEO expert to stay ahead of others in your fraternity.

3 Stages of Law Firm SEO Execution


Research is crucial for law firm SEO services. We ask questions related to the firm, is outreach goals, and different types of cases it handles. We research local legal trends and provide the initial analysis, and plan of action.

Content Development

Our law firm SEO experts create unique content to suit your law firm's services. We ensure content attracts potential clients and contributes to ROI. Strong on-page and off-page SEO elements would support your website content and keep visitors interested while design elements prioritize local traffic.

Analytics & Reports

After designing the website, we monitor its performance regularly. We analyze what works for your business and what does not, and make changes accordingly. As per requirement, we create content, including social media content and blog content to ensure the website is fresh. We also investigate various SEO areas and devise improvement strategies. We create back links for a stronger foothold. Finally, we report to clients so that they can see the progress and review.


At SEO Services Consultants we have worked with several law firms in the past and this puts us in the right space to help your website rise on the search engine ladder. While most people see SEO as the means to increase traffic and improve rankings on the search engines, a well-executed campaign offers you many more benefits. It brings in highly qualified traffic to your website, improves recognition and expands your odds of converting such visits into business. This is what our team always focuses as we have lived by the promise of making your business flourish.

Link Building

Our SEO strategies for lawyers include strong link building that works best for the website based on keywords. The leading sources of link building include:

  • Directory Submission: Our professional law firm SEO services include directory submissions to different directories online for high-quality one-way back links
  • Blogging: We promote the presence of your law firm on the web by creating keyword-rich and informative blog posts.
  • Press Releases: We submit SEO press releases with your URL to all the major sites online Our SEO strategies for lawyers include optimized press releases and image posting.
  • Social Media Profile Links: We post your SEO links to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other platforms.

Site Optimization

Our law firm SEO experts optimize website content with relevant keywords and user-friendly tone. Search engines can easily index quality content. We ensure the title, anchor text, Meta tags, images are optimized.

Social Media Marketing

Our team actively promotes the brand across all the leading social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and others. We write content for the business and share it with your contacts to make it "viral."

Video Promotion

We publish videos for you on leading video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe.


We provide detailed monthly reports to help you understand your site's ranking. We also deliver data that helps you analyze the performance of our SEO campaign.


Business Knowledge

Law Firm SEO projects are challenging and most optimizers don’t really understand legal terms and terminology. With wafer thin knowledge in users’ search habits, they aren’t able to derive much from the campaign. We are different, as we have a team that has worked with several law firms and built inherent knowledge about this profession, lawyers’ expectations and needs of their clients. This translates into better content, refined keywords and a rewarding strategy.

Focus on Conversions

We don’t look at success merely through traffic stats but focus on the conversion rate. This is what separates us from run the mill service providers. They optimize a law firm’s website the same way as they would do for a news and information site where traffic is the sole criteria to measure success. As experts in attorney SEO services we shall focus on keywords that are likely to benefit you the most and lead to more visits at your office and greater number of cases.

Attention to Local Search

Most law firms and attorneys focus on a community or a few areas when it comes to their practice. This is where local search optimization becomes the path to success. We shall take a close look at your position in local search results and your competitors’ campaigns to optimize your website that helps you override competition and stay ahead of others.


We do it quite the same way as you would approach any case. You consider the merits of the case and advise your clients on the best course of legal action. We shall also analyze your website, take a look at your competition and prepare a strategy that offers you great results. Our technical team is complemented by our writers who put their experience of writing for law firms to good use. An average campaign would include but not limited to the following activities -

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Creation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Analytics Installation
  • Measuring Results
  • Reporting


Law firm SEO has been one of the focus areas for our agency and we have a team that brings in years of knowledge in this niche. With our extensive campaign strategy we shall be able to drive in large number of potential clients to your website and create new opportunities for you. We help you set higher goals with digital marketing and conquer them. Contact the best SEO Company for lawyers to optimize your legal website.

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