You may have come across numerous posts on the Internet on how it is impossible to offer ‘guaranteed SEO services’. Are these statements true? Yes they are, unless some or can bribe Google or other major search engines it is impossible to guarantee top rankings on the search engines! But this has often been misused by the unprofessional agencies to hoodwink their clients and making them spend large sums of money on campaigns that offer little dividends. So you might have a question going through your mind, what are the things that actually can be ‘guaranteed’ under a guaranteed SEO services India? In fact, a lot can actually be guaranteed and these include -

  • Thorough site audit to identify factors that limit visibility and fix them.
  • Relentless campaign that increase online visibility.
  • Captivating content that is informative and engages audience.
  • Landing page optimization that helps in improving conversion rates.
  • Running campaigns that follow the best practices in the industry.

Each of these things can be guaranteed by an SEO agency and when you can tick this checklist you are likely to realize your goals with an SEO campaign. This will raise the second important question in your mind, why many agencies still bank on the ‘No Guarantees’ argument while managing SEO campaigns? They simply do this to hide their inefficiencies. The fact is SEO industry is under constant churning and for any good agency to offer results it needs to stay abreast of the latest techniques and methodologies that offer results. Few ever do that! SEO Services Consultants offer Guaranteed SEO Results to their clients. Our SEO packages for guaranteed seo services India start from just $200 per month. Many SEO companies offer Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings but it’s hard to find SEO company which delivers its promise. Our Main Focus is to Increase your website’s rankings in SERPs and incoming organic traffic. We guarantee white hat SEO and will deliver best results.


You may have often come across statements such as "there are no guarantees in SEO" or "top SEO agencies don't promise SEO guaranteed results". While these statements are true, they are often misread or misrepresented by agencies. If you take these at face value you are missing on one important principle of any business transaction – 'accountability'. While no good agency can guarantee you 'x' position for 'y' number of days for 'z' keywords, there has to be a minimum guarantee on in terms of planning, strategizing and execution of the campaign. No project contract should be shrouded in mystery, vagueness and executed in a clandestine way. So what really can be 'guaranteed' under guaranteed search engine optimization? A lot and these include -

  • In-depth analysis of the site to spot issues and fix them.
  • Thorough competition research and market analysis.
  • Use of state-of-the-art keyword research and analytic tools.
  • Unique and well-articulated content for on-page and off-page.
  • Measurement of KPIs and altering strategies based on evolving trends.
  • Detailed reports highlighting progress of campaign and success.

Can't these things be guaranteed? They surely can, but sadly aren't by most agencies. They tend to usuriously use the 'no guarantee' bogey to befool clients. If a outsource Search Engine Optimization agency does the basic things right keeping in mind best practices vis-à-vis the latest search engine algorithms, results can be guaranteed. While this may not be in terms of figures but it definitely can be measured in terms of the impact the campaign has on the brand's visibility and how it attracts and interacts with its customers.

Guaranteed Google Page 1 Ranking – Is it for Real?

"No one can guarantee first position or any fixed spot in Google search results," says Google webmaster guidelines. Our bet, it is true!

The volatile nature of Google's algorithm and routine changes makes it impossible to predict and deliver specific page results. However, this cannot be an excuse to shirk off responsibilities. SEO Services Consultants is a guarantee SEO company in India. We are experts in White Label platform with an impressive clientele. We deliver successful search engine optimization guaranteed results with our Google SEO guarantee because we know what works for a business and what fails.

What is SEO Guarantee?

Customized SEO plans for business designed to ensure site ranks – that is our SEO Guarantee. We assure SEO guarantee page 1 for companies with targeted keywords across all search engines.

Our services are a personification of our confidence, experience, and expertise in delivering search engine optimization guaranteed Google page 1 ranking. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on SEO services. It implies that if our service fails to deliver as per contract, we will refund your money.

Our SEO Guarantee Guidelines

We set measurable guidelines based on which our SEO guarantee stands delivered or fails. Our experienced team applies guidelines on a number of keywords targeting specific SEO campaigns, which generally include 10 to 50 keywords. We can say that our Guarantee Google SEO Services is delivered when:

  • 50 percent of the targeted keywords and key phrases rank within top 10 on Google
  • 70 percent of the targeted keywords and key phrases rank within top 20 on Google
  • Our top ranking services are valid for two or more leading search engines where Google in mandatory

We understand how important it is for businesses to rank on the first page of all search engines. However, the only issue is that different search engines have different algorithm for ranking web pages. Therefore, it may not work on all grounds.

Google drives more than 80 percent of relevant traffic to websites. As such, our SEO Guarantee processes are focused towards top Google SEO rankings. However, we also adhere to the strict guidelines of other important search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.

SEO Guarantee with a Vision - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT US

As people who have been in the digital marketing business for more than a decade we genuinely believe that the notion of 'no guarantee' has been widely misused by fly-by-night SEO agencies. They have always used this term to escape the wrath of clients after their ill-conceived and poorly executed campaigns fail to deliver results. At SEO Services Consultants we are determined to burst the myth that SEO campaign can't be guaranteed with our experience, domain knowledge and innovative campaign strategies.

At SEO Services Consultants, our vision is to deliver customer satisfaction to the optimum. We employ 100% result driven White Hat SEO solutions. We have faith on our foresight to transform your business into a profitable venture within a short span of time in an optimal budget.

We deliver dynamic elements for online businesses where you get maximum exposure, visitors, hits, leads, and more customers to your site eventually. Using proven Google SEO strategies dethrone competitors to help your business outshine. Our professional approach to executing and implementing SEO campaigns is bound to help you succeed. Scientifically formulated SEO strategies give a distinctive edge to our clients over their counterparts. Our expert analysts utilize their intelligence, cognitive abilities, and proactive decision-making skills, smart conceptualization, and trendsetting SEO practices are traits of seasoned professionals.


Gauging Site Health

One of the main reasons behind failure of SEO campaigns is the fact that many optimizers tend to ignore the fundamental issues that limit the success of a digital campaign. Our experts would carry out a thorough analysis of your site to identify issues that can hamper the success of your SEO campaign. Once these issues are identified we fix them to create the perfect platform for a successful campaign.

Well-Conceived Planning

All SEO projects are similar barring three important things – clients have different goals, industry is different, and they face different level of competition. We are sure you got the pun! Every SEO project has its own set of challenges and our team focuses on a tailored strategy to overcome these challenges and deliver SEO guaranteed results. Get SEO services guaranteed from our experts and boost the rank of your website on search engine result pages.

Performance Tracking

As a team of seasoned professionals we constantly track the success of your campaign measuring KPIs. This allows us to alter strategies and also focus on areas that help drive qualified traffic to your site. We also present you with detailed reports to ensure you have a clear idea about the success of the campaign and can also share your feedback whenever required.


Experienced & Passionate Team

We draw strength from our team which is a mix of battle hardened experts and exuberance of youth. We have hand-picked individuals based on their skills, passion and expertise across various domains of digital marketing to create a team where everyone brings in positive energy and innovative thought process. Our team members of guaranteed SEO company love challenges and this attitude has helped us set big goals and achieve them.

Proven Methodologies

If you have been keeping close tracks of the industry you would be aware of the fact that every major algorithmic update results in complete change of strategies. This is where we have been able to stay ahead of the competition. Our team keeps abreast with the latest algorithmic updates and develops methods that are in line with the best practices in the industry.

Scalable Solutions

Your business goals and expectations aren’t constant and they keep changing. Every major shift in your business interest needs to be replicated in your digital marketing campaign. And we have always worked towards offering scalable solutions to our clients. So if you wish to run an aggressive campaign in a short burst or want to do a turnaround to further your new business goals, we are always up for a fresh challenge.


Like any good service provider we believe in the world 'accountability'. If we are not accountable for planning and implementation of your campaign we have no right to be in this business. We are one of the few agencies that offer guaranteed SEO services in India and we take pride in this claim with all humility and confidence in our team. At SEO Services Consultants we believe every website has the potential to rank high on the Search Engines and the only limiting factor is a good strategy. With a team that consists of experienced optimizers and young individuals with a creative mindset we have been able to deliver results to clients across industries. While we don't make promises based on quantitative factors we are definitely going to stick out our tongues and make promises on qualitative counts.

Our Scientific SEO Strategies

  • Keyword, Competitor, Trend Analysis: Positioned as the #1 Guarantee SEO Company in India, we provide customized SEO campaigns. Before executing a campaign, we perform extensive website audit involving keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis by following the latest SEO trends.
  • Content Optimization: Content has tremendous potential online. Our guaranteed SEO company delivers SEO rich content prioritizing products, services, and brand for better visibility.
  • Off Page SEO Services: It is a major part of standard SEO campaigns. From link building to directory submission and social media optimization, off page SEO encompasses everything that could bring potential customers to your website.

WE DELIVER ON OUR PROMISE - SEO Guarantee or Money Back

We don't do things that are much different from other agencies; we just do it in the right way. While there is no limit to setting goals we clearly state realistic scenarios in front of our client. Are we conservative? Definitely not, but we don't make promise in thin air and build strategies over assumptions. As a team of professionals we have always believed in building a strong base and capitalizing on it at an opportune moment. Over the years we have worked on a wide range of projects with new set of challenges and this has helped our team to sharpen their skills and build strong knowledge which will benefit your campaign.

Benefits of Guaranteed SEO Services

  • Regular rank checking and comparison across all search engines
  • 24/7 traffic updates and SEO work update alongside analytical details
  • Timely on page suggestions for a perfectly optimized website
  • Campaign activity reporting via the dashboard
  • Social media reporting – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram


As the leading agency for guaranteed SEO India, we have hand-picked a team that is hungry for success and constantly looking out for ways to sharpen our skills. We strongly believe we are as good as our last project and hence never take our work process or our knowledge in this industry for granted. The industry is on a constant move and we have updated our skills and knowledge to be ahead of others in this trade. Your success is what defines ours.

  • Our knowledgeable team of SEO experts makes your business goals a reality
  • Our global reach across borders and diverse industry verticals makes us a definite choice for guaranteed SEO
  • Our team works in synergy to deliver quality and targeted experience to our clients
  • We are an experienced team SEO Services Consultants
  • Let your business succeed with our unique and customized SEO strategies. Call guaranteed SEO Company today!
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