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If you are in the business of ecommerce you need no introduction or explanation on the competition in this industry. With the business of selling online booming a hit all over the world, the competition among stores is also reaching newer peaks. Hence the key to success rests on increasing one’s visibility, being found for the most searched keywords/key phrases and maintaining top rankings on the search engines. None of these happen by themselves but involve well-planned and flawlessly executed marketing campaigns. To grow and stay ahead of your competition you need the services of a reputable ecommerce SEO agency. If you don’t see the incentives of optimizing your online store we have some interesting stats for you.

  • 93% of users start on the search engines looking for products to buy
  • 77% of the users click on organic links found during search
  • 80% local search results result in immediate transactions
  • 60% ecommerce transaction can be predicted and so can be user’s activities
  • 68% of users click the top 5 links on the search results

What do you understand from these stats? Well, we won’t be wrong in stating that without running a SEO campaign you are closing doors on more than 50% of your potential customers. You can ill afford to do this in an environment which is as competitive as the world of online commerce. A professionally managed ecommerce SEO campaign can offer near real-time results driving in qualified leads to the website and also increasing your sales.

Make the Most of Your SEO Efforts for E-Commerce Sector

A decade ago, online shopping portals were an exciting and scary space. However, today every Tom, Dick and Harry has his/her own online shopping portal. So, how do you make sure that your E-commerce platform stands tall amongst all the other in line? Hire an E-commerce SEO agency. Our team at SEO Services Consultants has the necessary expertise to handle the SEO needs of all types of E-commerce platforms.

E-Commerce SEO is Very Different

SEO for an E-commerce portal is vastly different than SEO for a common website. Unlike common blogs and informative websites, the E-commerce space relies on massive advertisement campaigns. When it comes down to SEO for such websites, the rate of visitors matters less compared to the sale that the website eventually makes. SEO for an E-commerce agency has to take up the role of an expert salesperson effectively. Instead of just showcasing your products on a shelf, SEO helps you increase your sales by targeting the customer's psychology.

E-Commerce is an Exciting and Dangerous Space

With the boom in the online commercial sector, you need to tread in the E-commerce space very carefully. If you do not take the right steps in the initial stages, your business is bound to be buried under a thousand similar websites on the internet. Hiring a professional E-commerce SEO agency in India will give you a distinctive advantage over the other websites that have no such support. Taking the right steps in the initial stages will put you in competition with the largest names in the E-commerce while no action will severely hurt your reputation in the long run.


At SEO Services Consultants are one of the leading names for ecommerce SEO services in India and catering to small and large clients all over the globe. We have worked with clients across different industries and business verticals that that includes everyone from local food stores to large multi-vendor marketplaces. This has helped us build strong expertise in this trade. SEO for eCommerce is unlike optimizing for another business website. With hundreds of products being listed every week/month we are constantly on our toes to help you beat competition and stand tall on the search engine results pages. We tailor our solutions to meet the niche needs of clients and do everything from using the right keywords/ key phrases in on-page optimization to localization which help in increasing sales.

What Can We Do for You?

We have enjoyed huge success optimizing online stores over the years, but if we were to go back to the strategies we used a year ago, they aren't going to yield fruits anymore. A few months is a long time in this industry where small change in search engine algorithm can overnight lead to disastrous drop in rankings. Our team keeps track of the latest algorithmic changes and uses this knowledge in every campaign. Ecommerce SEO is a continual process where new strategies need to be developed and worked upon. We don't believe in 'rest days' as our team always fights for today and tomorrow in this overtly competitive environment. So, the big question is how can we help you defend your position in the E-commerce space right from the beginning? Here's how.

We Focus on Customer Acquisition + Retention

We lay enough focus on helping you acquire more and more customers from your target demographic. After understanding your customer's psyche, we come up with strategies that are relatable to them. During this process, we do not take our eyes off the existing customers on your domain either. We help you retain them so that you can create a loyal brand image.

We Increase Your Online

Our team of E-commerce SEO experts helps you create a large online footprint. With ever-growing online footprint, you can quickly add more products/services to your catalogue to serve the right audience. When it comes down to sales, we help you define highly-focussed SEO strategies that reach your end customer's browser screen
without fail.

Services Catalogue

Want to know more about the specific services that we offer? Here is some more information about how we work for you.

  • Create/Optimize Landing Pages: With optimized and attractive landing pages, you can attract more customers to your business who are ready for a purchase. Instead of wasting a considerable amount of money targeting the wrong people, you can now spend less and still make more sales.
  • Follow Latest Trends We keep an active eye out for the latest trends in the market. Buying our E-commerce SEO packages is not a one-time deal. Instead, we believe in creating sustainable relationships with our clients so that they can utilize the new opportunities presented by the internet on a day to day basis.
  • Organized Keyword Research: We not only understand your customers' requirements but also understand their demographic. With our focused demographic research, we come up with the most effective set of keywords that can help you create a deep and meaningful impact amongst the right crowd.
  • Optimization Based on Analytics: SEO is a highly dynamic field that requires constant care and attention. We keep iterating your website with the right keywords and SEO strategies so that it does not go out of trend soon.
  • Focus on Organic Result Generation: Instead of spending heavily on purchasing domains and advertisement spaces, you can focus on generating audience organically with us. We help you bring down the overall cost of investment while increasing the prospects of sales.

You can find out more about our E-commerce packages today, by getting in touch with us over email or a quick phone call. Don't wait! Make the most of your digital marketing and SEO strategies today.

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