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There are no two thoughts to the fact that a local dentist needs to have a strong digital footprint in today’s world. Internet has become the most trusted source for information in a tech savvy world and most users tend to search for dentists online like they do for all other kinds of information. What most dental offices confuse as digital presence is having a website. There are dozens of websites being added every minute and merely having a domain and few pages of information isn’t enough. Your website needs to be discoverable on the search engines and rank above your competitors. This is where search engine optimisation comes into the picture. How does SEO help dentist or any other local service provider? Here are some interesting stats that will help you get a clearer picture or the incentives that a dental SEO consultant would offer you.

  • 71% users search about a local service provider before paying a visit.
  • 88% users choose dental clinic based on local search results.
  • 50% users who find dental office in search results pay visit within a day.
  • Majority of users search for address/telephone in local search queries.

It isn’t hard to read through these numbers and understand the importance of your name and that of your dental office figuring in the local search results. If you aren’t spending on a search marketing campaign you are simply not reaching out to majority of your potential clients. An agency that specializes in dental SEO services can help you generate more patients harnessing the power of the search engines and also people’s increased inclination towards the Internet for choosing services providers.

How SEO Company for Dentists Help?

A winning marketing strategy is to build a great website and convert visitors into your patients. If nobody visits your dental website, it is useless. That is exactly where we play the role of a catalyst.

Our aim is to bring patients to your practice by drawing in more and more visitors to the website. Tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are our forte.

We use Search Engine Optimization for both on and off the website. It improves your search engine rankings on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. According to statistics, 70 percent of the links that users choose to click on are organic, while 75 percent searchers never scroll past the results of the first page.

An effective SEO camping for dentists optimizes website content and increases the chance of raking higher in search results. It also instills trust to the site with links from relevant and authoritative websites.

Bear in mind that competitors are highly likely to invest in SEO for better ranking. The only way to beat your competitors and ahead is through effective and relevant SEO for dental practices.

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At SEO Services Consultants we are committed to helping you build strong presence on the search engines using our advanced SEO techniques. If you don’t exist on the search engines majority of the users won’t even know of your practice irrespective of your qualifications, experience and reputation you have built over the years. This makes us your perfect partner to drive your marketing campaign forward. We create tailored strategies that are in-line with your goals and also complement other online and offline marketing strategies.

A marketing campaign should focus on the target audience. To get hold of your target audience and draw their attention, you must address their needs. Attention raises ranking and garners more attention. This cycle continues only if you provide quality services.

Here's what we do:

Add SEO Rich Keywords

Prospective clients looking for a dentist online search with keywords. In some cases, the keywords may be short or long-tail ones. Long-tail keywords are usually more specific. It gives the highly targeted result. For instance, instead of focusing on keywords like "dentist" or "dental practices," you can use "dental services Miami", "cosmetic dentists near me", "broken tooth repair in Oklahoma (your city/locality)." Using names of procedures in keywords also yields a better result – "root canal", "teeth whitening", "porcelain veneers" etc.

Add SEO Rich Keywords

People usually look for local service providers when it comes to healthcare. If you do not plan your SEO specific to geographic targets, your business won't reach the local market. Adding the names of your town and nearby locations boost targeted search.


The aim of SEO is to attract patients through better search engine visibility. SEO marketing is the key to build credibility as it generates revenue. Through blogging, your dental practice would attract more interested readers as well as potential patients. As traffic grows, search engine rankings improve and your SEO dental practice becomes the authoritative source.

SEO for Dentists – Get More Patients through Dedicated SEO for Dental Practices

How is the health of your overall dental practice presence online?

Is your dental practice attracting high-value cases every month?

The purpose of having an SEO rich website for dental practice is to be noticed via local search engine optimization. When patients find you online, learn about services offered, it is easier to get in touch. As a local dentist, it is imperative to have a strong presence in local search engines so that you gain more patients that are new and build your practice.

We offer the best dental SEO services to generate new patients through various search engines. We integrate all marketing efforts such as advertising, promotions; email marketing campaigns, and direct mail campaigns into the dental SEO campaign. We provide full dental SEO service to our clients with best practice tips for positive reviews.


Inherent Industry Knowledge

With our inherent knowledge about in this industry we shall help you meet your goals. Having worked with dentists we have built considerable experience about this profession and are aware of the inherent challenges that you face as a professional. We know what your customers are looking for and would do all it takes to help you maximize on the opportunities.

Comprehensive Campaigns

As one of the top rated dental SEO consultants we don't look at your campaign from standalone point of view. It should complement other marketing campaigns and offer you more visibility in the entire digital spectrum. We shall review your other campaigns and create one that delivers results.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile search accounts for bulk of local trade inquiries in today's world and we shall optimize your site for mobile searches. There are a few innate factors that dictate search queries when it comes to user habits on hand held devices. With our rich experience in mobile search we shall help you derive maximum traction from mobile searches.


Do we have a secret recipe to push you up the ladder on the search rankings? No, we don't. In fact there is none that any professional digital marketing agency can lay claims to. Every project has its own set of challenges and this is where our team starts with a blank canvas. As dental problems and teeth structure are different for every patient so is the way a dental website is optimized. We prepare a strategy based on your goals, your competition and other factors that govern success on the search engines. In a nutshell here are some of the things that we would do to push your dental website on top of the search engine rankings -

  • Detailed Website Analysis
  • Identifying Limiting Factors and Fixing Them
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Creating/Optimizing Landing Page
  • Writing Captivating Content
  • On-Page/Off-Page Optimization
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Detailed Reporting


As a dentist focused on creating beautiful and everlasting smiles, we ensure you are seen everywhere online. More than 80 percent of online searches have a local intent. This becomes a brilliant opportunity for a dental practice to have more and more new patients.

Google rolls out more than 500 algorithm updates every year. Unless you have a dental SEO expert at work, it would be next to impossible to sustain. That is where our best dental SEO services help.

If you are prepared to strengthen SEO for dental practices, let us know. Our effective and affordable dental SEO services can give you the much-needed presence to attract more patients. Call us today or get in touch with us through email. Request a no-obligation quote from the SEO Company for dentists.

At SEO Services Consultants we are aware of the competition that exists in this profession. It is here that we work closely with our clients to create a campaign that generates quality leads and translates into more inquiries and footfall at your office. Our team is well versed in the latest search engine algorithms that govern traffic to your website. As an agency we have always measured our success against that of our clients and this has helped us create a strong footing in this competitive industry and become a trustworthy partner for dentists around the world.

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